Investment portfolio

Depending on your share of Bitcoins, you can earn as much as 0.20% hourly.



hourly interest
  • Daily interest : 3.60%
  • Mininum : 0.001
  • Maximum : 2.49999999



hourly interest
  • Daily interest : 4.08%
  • Mininum : 2.5
  • Maximum : 4.99999999



hourly interest
  • Daily interest : 4.80%
  • Mininum : 5
  • Maximum : No limit

Calculate your return

  • 0.15%interestper hour
  • 0.00000150btcper hour
  • 3.60%interestper day
  • 0.00003600btcper day

Up to 0.20% hourly

Depending on your share of Bitcoins, you can earn as much as 0.2% hourly from Bitcoins that you have applied to active deposits. Start with as little as 0.001 BTC, and you can have as many active deposits as you want.

Interest will accumulate on your account balance automatically. You can withdraw your initial deposit back at any point in time after the first week from the time you made your deposit has passed, and as little as a 5% fee is applied for such transaction.


Instant withdrawals on demand is a standard option for any of our customers, and there are no fees or any other hidden policy applied.

Initial Investment back anytime after first week.

5% initial withdrawal fee.

Start with as little as 0.001 BTC.

Instant withdrawals.

you can have your personal account within a minute.